ZZ Makers on Wheels (text version)

ZZ Makers on Wheels (text version)


Mobile fablabs and makerspaces.
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There is a growing interest in mobile and small fablabs and makerspaces.
The traditional $100k fablab is expensive and has a limited reach because of its fixed location, mobile labs can extend that reach.
The essence of mobile is that you don’t come to the lab, the lab comes to you. For awareness, education or just plain making.
Mobile fablabs come in all sizes, costing from far over $100k to under $5k.

From a 16 meter long trailer 

+ omaha buiten

to a tricycle

+ maastricht totaal


yes, even without wheels

Costa Rica

We are going to look at them all.

Well, not all …. A fablab used to be a makerspace that adheres to the Fabcharter. A place where you can make (almost) anything, so with at least a lasercutter.
But now schools and libraries call their creative DIY-place also their makerspace, even if they have no digital machines.
Our focus is on mobile fablabs that have digital machines: so at least a lasercutter. Just a 3D-printer is not enough.

We will be looking at the hardware side of moving a lab around. And from an european perspective, as for its size and cost the MIT or Omaha trailer is no option for Europe. But there are lessons to be learned from them.

We will also look at them from a makers’ DIY perspective.
As designing and constructing a mobile lab really is fun.