Trikes and Bikes

The smallest mobile fablabs


London based Fab-BIKE  has a two wheeled bike trailer with a micro-fablab on board: Ultimaker2Go, iModela, Emblaser1, sewing machine, Arduino and more.

A homebuilt lightweight aluminum frame with a canvas hood.


I think a mobile miniFabLab should sport a real real lasercutter, like the Full Spectrum or the upcoming Glowforge (2017), which measures 965 x 527 mm.





Mid august 2016 IKEA announced its SLADDA biketrailer which doubles as a pushcart. € 169. Not yet available.
This might be fine platform for a SLADDA URBAN MAKERCART.      Peek on ideas here and here.

The FABSLADDA is there, see the menu on the left.


+ maastricht totaal
hobbyclub 1947
maastricht floris

FabLab Maastricht has a 50 years old bakers tricycle with a full blown fablab on board: a HPC3020 lasercutter plus several 3D printers.

Which reminds to a 1947 maker cart in the dutch book 'De Jongens van de Hobby Club'. This was playing with high tech then.

They cheat a bit, as they move this vintage thing in a transport-trailer to locations, where they fold out the tricycle.

hongkong mf

A concept for the Makerbike2, with a solar roof panel.

This one was seen at the 2015 Hong Kong Makerfaire

How about fablab to make a mobile fablab ?
Philadephia made a modern mobile maker cart on a trike.

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-06 om 20.37.15

The Vélo M² open platform cargo bike aka N55 with stackable watertight boxes.

Here with a 3D-printer, laptop and beamer for the Vélo M² .
There is a complete instructable with .dxf files for the stackable boxes,

The mobile lab on the VéloM2. Nice, movable, but no lasercutter though.

fiets portugal
sladda met kar

FabLab Lissabon made a mock-up for their (unsuccesful) kickstarter project. Would that be stable to ride ?

With this makerspace on a bike with a folding workbench you leave the idea of a fablab - carrying at least a lasercutter - and come into the realm of the STEAM makerspace.

This looks more feasible: IKEA's SLADDA trailer.