Big Trucks, Busses and Trailers

These vehicles are big, unique and expensive in exploitation, so owned by institutions.
Their cost can run far over $ 150.000
They attract a lot of attention, so are fine for promotional purposes.

+ MIT Mobile-FabLab

Here is the original MIT FabLab trailer 10 meters at Burning Man in 2007.

+ omaha buiten
+ omaha binnen R

The Omaha fablab is 16 meters in length, here still without its massive stickering. Inside it has 2 routers and 2 lasercutters.

+ farber vol

The red mobile Tech Shop is sponsored by Fujitsu.
If you look inside they all are basically multi-purpose containers with rails on the floor and machines on wheels. This stuff can be heavy.
Note how everyhing is fastened and secured for transportation.


In Denmark you have Det Mobile Fablab, also targeted at the industry, but where one also actually can make something. With the clever space saving discussion table in the back.

frysklab binnen

Frysklab, a former Library bus, that even travels Europe, promoting fablabs in libraries

fab bus 1
fab bus by-flo

Fabfoundation UK’s red british doubledecker FAB BUS, where the topfloor is dedicated for instruction and workshops.


the STE(A)M truck


And the privately owned Fablabtruck, a 1967 vintage former cattle mover, that goes to festivals and schools. It was the first mobile fablab in the world and is still rolling. Its owner (and his wife !) have a truck drivers licence, and the truck does not have power steering...

truck in Hamburg

Many pics of large trucks - most of them of the aimed at education and less for really making stuff - on this Pinterest page.