Makerkar – the Frame

Step 1- Prepare the shelf frames.

The bottom shelf frame is built from 2 1075 mm beams and 6 640 girders
Use the jig to make sure the corners are square.
As a gauge for the girders on the sides use a wheelplate of your wheels (probably 80 mm). Do not mount the wheelplates yet, that will be done later on.

Prepare the middle shelf frame (on which the drawers will go): 2 1015 beams 1015 and 3 640 mm girders. (fourth girder?)
Mount the middle girder off center 580 mm from the right
(the box for the Cameo will be added in Step 3).

Prepare the upper shelf frame (on which the laser will go)
2 1015 beams and 4 640 mm girders.

Step 2 - Mount 4 1060 mm risers vertically of the corners on the bottom shelf. They feel wobbly, but that will change.

4 risers

Put temporarily some clamps on the risers, about 60 cm from the bottom. Mount the middle shelf frame on top of them. Use the template A and put free space to the bottom shelf to exactly 60 cms.

Mount the upper shelf frame, free space to the middle shelf is 13.5 cms. Check with the template B.

At the top mount two 640 side girders, not the long beams. Free space from upper frame to top should be 26.5 cms now. On the 1075 long beams mount 2 internal corners AHS1-28. Ensure that the bar can be inserted and lifted from the risers smoothly.

Step 3 - Add the Cameo box.
Build the box according to this pic.

At the left attach a 640 mm girder on the frame, 40 cms from the bottom girder
Mount the small board, hole on the rear. The hole is for the water tubes.

Attach a length of 640 mm 0f the 125 mm plastic tube that will store the vinyl with two rings. Not critical, just fasten.

Step 4 - Lay the whole frame on a side and mount the wheels.
Then put the frame upright again.

Prepare the 3Dprinted handles with 2 M6x20 and 2 M6x45.  Insert the handle with nuts from the top and tighten.


andere foto met handles
You're done with the frame.
Give it a spin!

Step 5 will follow mid May
Step 5 - The banner and the shelves.
Shorten the front feet of the banner so it can be flush with the front. Drill two xx mm holes in the center of the feet to the rear.
Drill two sets 5xx mm holes in the banner top, 4xx mm apart and approx 22xx cm from the sides
Bolt the 3Dprinted grips on them. .stl
Put the bottom shelf on the bottom frame. No need to fix it to the bottom frame: chiller and filter will hold it in place. (?xxx) Screw the banner with 4 parkers.

Put the middle shelf on the middle frame. With the cutout in the right rear corner it should slide in.
Screw the four drawer sliders down. And click-fasten the power outlets, switches to the front. Put the upper shelf on the upper frame. And click-fasten the smaller power outlets.

Step 6 - The doors and panels

Prepare the doors, with M6x20 flathead  capnut for the hinges and  M4x16 flathead, with ring and capnuts for the male snaplocks.

Mount the doors With M6 and hammernuts loosely in the risers.
Prepare the workpanels in the same way and mount on the middle shelf girder.
Insert female snaplock assemblies in the girders.

Align the snaplocks for height and fasten.

Option: you can mount the back panel now (17 flathead or cheesehead M6x16 and hammernuts), but better do that when all the equipment has been placed on the bottom shelf.