FABSLADDA URBAN MAKERCART – a pop-up mini FabLab or Makerspace

Bart Bakker had the idea to design an URBAN MAKERCART as a mobile pop-up fablab or makerspace.

a. It should bring a full miniFabLab: lasercutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printer and an electronics workbench. And optional a CNC mill.
b. Be able to pass through any standard door (say 80 cms) in schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, biolabs, events or any place where a temp fablab would be required.
c. Propellable by an (e-)bike, but also be transportable in the back of a car.
d. Be deployed quickly, say within ten minutes.
e. Replicable in a fablab anywhere in the world and open source.


Then IKEA announced their SLADDA bike trailer, which looked like an ideal platform for the makercart.

We tried it and so the FABSLADDA was born. It got all of the above on board, except the small mill.  That is 45 kgs of maker gear.


Basically it is a carry-all box plus a cover that doubles as a table. For easy storage the cover will (just) nest into the empty box. The trailer itself got four retractable legs for stability. See this Instructable with their cutting file.

Recipe: get a SLADDA at your local IKEA (€169), get some plywood and bolts (€80), head for a FabLab and lasercut the pieces. Bolt and glue together.

staand aardig

And there you have a mobile fablab. That goes anywhere, passes through doors, and folds out into a 1.85 m long makerspace. It only needs power.